Name Scoots
Status Alive
Occupation Student at the Webonauts Internet Academy


Gender Male
Color Purple
Scoots is a fellow student at the Webonauts Internet Academy. 


Scoots is a stout, grape-purple Webonaut. He wears the default Webonauts helmet.


Scoots is a friendly student at the Webonauts Internet Academy. He makes his first appearance welcoming Dylan to the Academy, and suggesting that he can set up a Webonauts account. He guides him through creating his profile on Webonet, and later he returns to help Dylan change his privacy settings on it, after the Great Static vandalises his room when given the password, if given. 

He appears to be a friend to Dylan and shows up at Dylan's graduation, also seeming protective of him, Telling the Great Static to leave as he harrases Dylan.


  • Scoots is an active Webonauts user, and is seen posting on it frequently.
  • Though Scoots seems to be a student at the Academy longer than Dylan, he graduates from the Academy sooner.
  • A Scoots Helmet is seen in the Uniform Store

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