Room 298 is a room where Dylan resides throughout the course of 


the episodes. It requires a password to be entered, the password being "Bananas", which is not supposed to be given out.

The room exterior is a simple white door, which is the first door to the left. 

Room Interior DescriptionEdit


The Room's Interior

The room has plain white (with a tinge of black to it) floors and wallpaper, and a plain blue bed. However, by choosing Black, he can change the pillows to that color.

A poster of Dylan's Mentor is hanging over the bed, and a circular window which shows the planet Bambu.

Through gifts, the room's interior can change. When the Bamdudes send his first gift, the Space Lanterns, they automatically appear on the walls in his room, and Blub and Baby Monkey and Mr. Giraffe and Cousin Monkey.

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